GSCE AQA Physics 2017 Tuition


As part of our role as Physics Prefects in our school, we offer Physics tutoring to those about to sit their GSCE in the summer of 2017. Although we tutor according to the AQA specification, the physics will be the same for each board, so our posts might prove useful for those doing different exams. We’ll keep this page updated with any links to websites or resources that you might find useful.

On the main page, along with general science posts, we’ll be posting articles that will help with revision,such as explanations, pictures of whiteboards we have drawn in session, or extra reading you might enjoy. To find these, just go to the search bar and type in “Physics Revision”, which is the tag we will give to all the relevant posts.

We wish you the best of luck in your exams!


We know that GCSEs can be a stressful experience, so you may find some of these links useful in coping:

AQA GCSE Physics Specification:

This is useful to refer to when revising to check you’ve covered every topic and understand all the key points they can ask you about.

From page 13 onwards is the part which you may want to use as a sort of checklist, to ensure you don’t miss anything and that there’s nothing you still don’t understand.

The exams this year are the final exams for this specification; if you are taking your GCSEs in the summer of 2018, it can be accessed as a download here: